Soyeon Cho
The inspiration to use disposable materials originates from two sets of personal experiences. The delicate work represents ephemeral dreams of escape from conformity and the strong desire to reveal my essence. The work is built of inexpensive, quotidian materials assembled into dreamscape environments of movement, light and color; it portrays both the beauty and the fragility of my dreams.
I am troubled by the indifferent attitude with which contemporary man consumes food and disposable objects. This attitude is permeating the society and becoming the norm for treating other human beings. I feel sad and dehumanized when viewed in terms of my utility instead of who I truly am.
By showing the hidden magic in the most trivial of things, I allow the audience to see what my dreams are and to revalue their relationship with much that they have taken for granted. I help them see themselves and each other in terms of their human potential instead of their perceived value. I hope to teach my audience to value and care for each other.

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